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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tron - 1982 - Dir. Lisberger

You know, any movie that stars David Warner as ALL THREE ANTAGONISTS can't be all bad. In fact, Tron ain't so bad at all. With a movie like this, where individual sequences stand out and the rest of the movie is promptly/mostly forgotten in the public eye, well, you don't realize there's a whole story going on. And you now, there's a lot about Tron I thought was neat. I don't think I was ever blown away. The movie feels like it had great potential to be know for more than the Lightcycle races. We never really do anything more than scratch the surface of this computer world, and from reading about the making of, it doesn't really seem like they were too interested in doing anything more than that. Perhaps its for the best, because the movie really is quite goofy looking. I'm sorry, it's tough to get behind these special effects. Sure, they really are pretty innovative for the time, but they look silly. Throughout the movie, you're constantly aware of them. They aren't visually stunning... or (for the most part) visually appealing. There are moments where you're like... Cool, but I always had a nagging voice in my head wishing it looked a little better. Tron had a lot of promise... it actually gets me really excited for the sequel. I like to hope that it will move in the direction I would like. Who knows what the fuck that will end up being though? An engaging enough movie, I also want to thank Jeff Bridges for being in it. His tongue in cheek manner kept the movie too dire and too self-important. He's also just fucking great, y'know?

Well, saaaay, pal. Where'd you get that Information/Identification Disc Frisbee Weapon thing? Seems pretty handy.

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