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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Charlie Wilson's War - 2007 - Dir. Nichols

I don't know why, I was feeling in a terrifically political mood this morning and decided I needed to be charmed and amused at the same time. Charlie Wilson's War hit the spot like nobodies business. The press for the film made it seem like I was going to watch Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks be romantic at each other for an extended period of time. Thankfully, their relationship is rather understated and, at best, professional in a very PARTICULAR way. We see way more of Hanks hanging out with Hoffman. Which is awesome. Their first scene together is hilarious and has all the timing of... well... something very well timed. The story moves along well enough. It's subtle in it's insinuations of 9/11... or... maybe not so subtle as I think about it. They do anything but come right out and say it. Clearly, Wilson worried about the power vacuum that would form but not nearly enough. The movie felt somewhat un-biased, although it seemingly attributes numerous achievements to the Democrat Wilson that he may not have earned, but it also does not spend much time demonizing although I must consider the amount of characters talking about killing Russians without a blink of the eye. Nichols is a sly dog, we know that though.
Watch out Tom! Ned might lead you into a room and have a great monologue at you!

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