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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room - 2005 - Dir. Gibney

Man, I'll tell ya! This documentary got me so damn steamed. Which I guess means its completely successful in it's goal. I mean, I'm sure there could be loftier ambitions behind the film, like to say, INFORM but for a good chunk it just feels like it's just demonizing those with their fingers in the Money Pie. The work is pretty cut out for them. I mean, most people don't need to be convinced at this point. So it's basically a parade of evidence. I think the documentary screws with the timeline, and by that, I just mean, it seemed to jump around a little bit, grouping the allegations and crime not by when they occured but more like subject matter. I'm not positive, of course, the film throws A LOT of information around at you so its a bit of a struggle to follow sometimes. Despite this, you have a broad understanding of what went on in the scandal. I was fairly uninformed about the whole proceedings so despite it only happening a few years ago, I learned a shit ton from the movie. It paints strong pictures of our "antagonists" out of Lay, Skilling, and Fasdow.

Luckily for this man, he was not one of the smartest guys in the room.

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