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Friday, December 4, 2009

Miss Potter - 2006 - Dir. Noonan

Miss Potter was a fairly sweet movie. I have difficulty begrudging it very much. So I won't. While clearly not speaking to my demographic, whatever it may be, it is "a sweet movie." Not too sweet, mind you. Just sweet enough. I can see why perhaps it didn't make a huge splash, I hadn't heard of the movie until recently and with Zellweger and McGregor involved, you'd think I might've known about it. But the movie seems to lack the extravagance you might expect a biopic of a upperclass British woman. Naturally, all of the class battles and blushing and all the stuff that comes with the territory, but the movie is smart enough to shove it aside most of the time. Focusing rather on Potter's relationship with her characters as well as Ewan, who is delightfully shy. Noonan previously directed Babe and he clearly has a feel for charm. I mean, it's friggin Peter Rabbit, though! How could it NOT be charming!? The film delves into animation now and then. In a rather tasteful manner. Never too show-offy or lingering. It's enough to create an appropriately magic touch to the whole process of Potter's creation. A fine movie if it's what you're in the mood for!
Renée practicing sucking her face into her face.

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