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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fantastic Mr. Fox - 2009 - Dir. Anderson

I've been excited for Fantastic Mr. Fox all the way since when Wes Anderson was first connected with the project. I suppose maybe I was a little disappointed, I think a lot of doubt was raised by the trailer. The movie won be over however. With a terrific amount of charm and some fine directing. When I get right down to it, I liked what I saw. But I think as I headed into the third act, I realized "This is it." I couldn't help but crave a little bit more. Maybe since the film dodges between Adult and Children mode a little bit. The Child had fun but the film kept taunting the Adult me with Wes Anderson-isms, keeping him watching but never fully satisfying him. There's not a ton as far as character development goes. I can help but feel that Mr. Fox both learns and neglects his main lesson. I think perhaps the scenario with the Wolf sums up the movie very much. Well-crafted, beautiful... but it feels perhaps shallow. I won't deny that I believe that film requires a second viewing on my behalf. It would be a pleasure. For my eyes and my childlike self got a kick out of the movie. The movement of the characters is incredible and flows so well and Anderson isn't shy about showing off either. There's plenty of sneaking and dancing sequences, all of 'em kicking ass. As well as some great stand-off sequences and some spaghetti western nods, I can't help but recommend it.
OH NO! Someone killed Giant Bill Murray!

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