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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coffy - 1973 - Dir. Hill

MAN! I was trying to watch this movie and Netflix kept screwing with me so I had to call it quits! So I had to watch it in two parts. Coffy is known for having a tough lady protagonist (PAM GRIER!) and how it didn't glorify the Pimp/Pusher lifestyle. It was an all right movie. Fairly capably made considering the low the bar can be for exploitation films. It's very satisfying as far as a vengeance movie goes. I was constantly digging it whenever Coffy was busting some ass. Pam Grier is an awfully foxy lady. I wasn't expecting her to be nearly as foxy as she turned out to be. And, yes, I'm going to continue to call her FOXY. You're just going to have to deal with that. And there's a MASSIVE cat fight that is totally awesome. It might have been the high point of the movie. I mean, it's just terribly shameless and Grier kicks some real lady ass. Also the film highlighted the skills of Sid Haig, who was great being a henchmen. Easy to see why this was such a "well-respected" blaxploitation!
Damn Pam Grier... You foxy!

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