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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reindeer Games - 2000 - Dir. Frankenheimer

You know, Reindeer Games is a movie with twists. It's a movie that is basically formed around the idea of having a lot of surprise reveals. It doesn't really try very hard to hide this fact, I guess it's not supposed to. I don't know much about Frankenheimer. He had a spotty record as a director, seemingly to have a tendency to direct films of THIS quality and then a bunch of movies that are actually decent. But let me get back to how stupid this movie is, first of all, the antagonists are morons. I'm pretty sure the movie makes a point of this. They are dumb truckers who want to rob a casino and hold Ben Affleck, a recently released criminal, hostage so Ben helps them out. Naturally, Ben Affleck outsmarts them around every turn and really only due to brute force and dumb luck are they consistently able to subdue him. I feel like that's usually the format for a Children's Movie. Where the villain is a blithering idiot or IDIOTS in this case. And I feel like when a movie sets you up to have a ton of twists, you generally see them coming like an oncoming truck and only notice how they grow in retardation with each reveal. If one can derive any pleasure from the film is Gary Sinese, who is not much of a villain in the movie, but is entertain to some degree... SOME DEGREE. Either that or the cast of character actors that pop up, and a sweet cameo by Issac Hayes.
Run as fast as you can! You still won't get out of this movie!

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