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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Muppet Christmas Carol - 1992 - Dir. Henson

I probably have seen this before. I can't imagine as a child who loved Muppets, I never saw the Christmas Carol, but I sure as hell don't remember anything about it. I was a little surprised by the LACK of Muppets, or perhaps, the lack of traditional Muppets. But perhaps I just have an extremely high tolerance for Traditional Muppets. ANYWAY, the film created new muppets for the three ghosts. I have to say, I loved the Ghost of Christmas Present. He was sweet as hell. I think what originally got me into this was that Michael Caine said this was his most memorable. I can see why. This must have been a ton of fun to make and he does a great job as Scrooge and plays it as honestly as someone might with real actors. Henson seems to have a lot of respect for Dickens and the source material while still being rather playful with it as seen with the minor addition of Robert Marley and Gonzo's take on Dickens himself. I think I would have almost liked MORE goofing around on the Muppets part but maybe that's just because as an older fellow, The Christmas Carol is a pretty tried and true bit of storytelling. I think a great deal of the fun is just seeing how each of the Muppets were intergrated into the classic tale.
Michael Caine looks INSANE!

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