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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Street Fight - 2005 - Dir. Curry

Cory Booker is in the news these days. Well, he's on TV, at least. The man is making appearances on all the hip shows the kids love. He comes off as friendly, likable, and intelligent. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT HE'S EFFICIENT TOO!? He knocked violent crimes down 40% or so since he took office as Mayor of Newark. He apparently wants to make it a less terrifying city for some reason. This was not the goal of the previous Mayor, Sharpe James, who is currently serving jail time for various kinds of frauds. In 2002, the little known Booker went up against the popular and long serving James. The result: STREEET FIGHT! The premise of the documentary was enough to pull me in. Even though, I have to admit that it feels a little amateurish at times, the film is engrossing. Curry paints a desperate and polarized situation in Newark. A city with great possibilities, as well as great corruption. He is never condescending to Newark or its inhabitants. We don't see jerks mugging for the camera or inarticulate loudmouths (well, not a ton, it IS politics after all) while at the same time showing us a different kind of political campaign. Booker nor James ever feel like a clear winner so the documentary holds us to the very end. It feels honest and fair, as fair as it can be considering James refused to be filmed. But we see Booker trade in some of his ethics so he can win, this is after all: A STREEETTT FIIIIGGGGHHHTTTT!!!!
Round One: Fight!

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