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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Standard Operating Procedure - 2008 - Dir. Morris

Ahhh... Errol Morris. Is there anything I won't watch you make a documentary of? The Man knows how to do it. If you have an idea of how he puts together a story and an argument, you have an idea of how the movie plays out in a sense. I don't mean to sell him short, but just like Handke has a bag of tricks, Morris does too. Although, I must say, it was terribly strange to listen to Danny Elfman lay down some Philip Glass type tracks, BUT I DIGRESS! Standard Operating Procedure covers the well-known abuses that had gone down in Abu Ghraib. Naturally, the more you learn about the situation, the more fucked-up it becomes. Highlighting how mostly moral and competent soldiers began giving high-fives in photographs of soldiers in "stress positions" and whatnot. The film doesn't make excuses for their behavior, but it does suggest that perhaps some people who were higher up, might (JUST MIGHT) have escaped blame for creating a situation where soldiers who were untrained to be guards thought that making people masturbate and whatnot was Standard Operating Procedure. Although, there is that one fellow, who did seem to be fairly reemed out. :p The film also goes in the nature of the photograph, what it reveals but what it hides as well. As engaging as anything else Morris has made, it shows that he's just as adept at tackling current events as naked mole rats.
All right, Huddle up, guys. Now... what do you guys think about making the prisoners masturbate for us?

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