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Friday, December 11, 2009

The Return of the Pink Panther - 1975 - Dir. Edwards

I'm a little torn by The Return of the Pink Panther. On one hand, it is ridiculous and silly. However, it is also intensely boring. It's a little puzzling and I'm not saying the "plot" aspects of the movie are boring. Oh no, not at all. Sometimes, Peter Sellers falling down and knocking crap over could only be so funny. Alternatively, it's also the best parts of the movie. On occasion, it's set up perfectly and seeing the sonuvabitch ruin an entire room is awesome. His opening and ending battle with Cato is an example of the best parts. As is when he is "disguised" as a telephone repairman. The overly long sequence in the hotel room, however, I could have done with significantly less of. Since Clousseau is basically distracted the entire film, the plot manifests itself with Christopher Plummer, who is perfectly charming. The film has a funny dichotomy of burgling being an intensely delicate procedure, where Clousseau is a huge klutz. I imagine that's intentional. I was also a fan of Herbert Lom who basically had to make the same joke funny in every scene he was in. While Sellars is, of course, hilarious. I feel like I would watch the other movies in the series for Lom, to see how fucking nuts he really gets. And hopefully we won't be subjected to any more which gun is the lighter and which is the actual gun jokes.
MAN! The Monkey is showing NO RESPECT!

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