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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Get Carter - 1971 - Dir. Hodges

From Mike Hodges who brought us Croupier, his first project was Get Carter, which is also Alun Armstrong's first big role. He looks surprisingly non-Alun Armstrong-esqe, although a little bit is shining through. But I suppose the big deal here is Michael Caine, who scowls his way through the film like nobody else. Entertaining enough, the film holds onto it's cards very tightly, which kept me interested even when the story was a little tough to follow. You get a lot of characters thrown at you and a somewhat difficult web to make out considering Carter is being thrown off the trail numerous times. It's mostly easy to follow, I think as I look back though, I still have no idea who the first person he killed was after he discovers the plot. Carter is cold AS hell, though. Which he is more than willing to acknowledge. Killing basically ANYONE remotely involved in his brother's death. He's positively charming as a sonuvabitch, too. The film in general squeezes in enough light moments that it doesn't exactly feel suffocating. I have to admit, as the Carter unravels the plot, the movie does begin to lag a bit. Watching him try and solve the mystery is a little more entertaining than his vengence. Although the final sequence with the whiskey bottle was a bit satisfying.
Hey now, Michael Caine! Looking a little badass, aren't we?

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