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Friday, December 18, 2009

Murder By Death - 1976 - Dir. Moore

This movie is FILLED with people. And I'll admit to not being a huge fan of Neil Simon but damn it, the man knows how to make some silly jokes. Although, the film really begins to get tedious after a while and I don't know how well it really fares once you get past the verbal humor. I feel like a lot of visual gags could have been done better and the movie in general could have had better timing. As far as the actors ability to crack jokes though, TOP NOTCH. It's also James Cromwell's first movie. AND HE'S AWESOME. I know he's just being a big doof but MAN, he was cracking me UP. Alec Guiness is also a ton of fun to watch. Peter Sellers was on and off. I'm not sure how well the racist chinese jokes held up. I was trying to figure out it if was making fun of Charlie Chan's racism or if it just wasn't being very imaginative with their own racist jokes. I mean, this coming from the man who made a living butchering a French accent, it's tough to tell. And I'm not willing to give Simon the benefit of the doubt either. So the movie ends up being a little half and half. Some parts are GREAT, some not so much. Especially as the movie drags on, I couldn't be very interested in the end since the movie projects that its basically jerking us around when it introduces the idea of teleporting dining rooms. Of course the end isn't going to be a real ending and the rant felt more like it was trying to be clever than actually clever. Oh well... good for a lark! :p
You leave Obi-Wan alone Columbo! He didn't do ANYTHING!

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