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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Long Good Friday - 1980 - Dir. Mackenzie

Man, I really liked The Long Good Friday. I have no idea why I rented it. Or how it ended up on my queue. Perhaps the mere existence of Bob Hoskins in the film is the reason it appeared. I can't imagine why else. Apparently, a break-through role, it's easy to see why. It would have been easy to just play the role as a tough, but Hoskins takes it to a whole other level. He brings tons of humanity to the role without sacrificing any kind of fierceness, so when he turns into a mad dog, it's still a little scary to see. The film is perfectly engrossing, proving that a simple story and able story telling is all you need sometimes. The film also has a TON of actors in it who pop up in a bunch of places later on. A young Pierce Brosnan. Hatchet Harry AND Brick Top. Apparently, Soap is in it as well as a tiny kid. Indiana Jones Archeological Nemesis from Raiders. Lemmy Caution. And that's not to forget Helen Mirren who does her Mirren-best! I must also say, the scene in the abattoir was positively awesome. Oh hell, there's a bunch of awesome scenes in the movie! It was a completely satisfying experience!
Don't you fuck with Bob Hoskins! DON'T YOU FUCK WITH BOB HOSKINS!

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