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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Virgin Spring - 1960 - Dir. Bergman

Man, sometimes Bergman can just direct the hell out of a movie. I forget that sometimes. The Virgin Spring is definitely one of my more favorite of his. I had always remembered that Last House on the Left was a remake or based on an Ingmar Bergman film, which always stuck out in my mind. The plot clearly lends itself to a more gory version, three herdsmen after murdering and raping a girl unknowingly seek shelter at a farm which is owned by the girl's family. The Family realizes what has happened to their daughter and vengence is seeked. Naturally, Bergman's version is not a Swedish Old Boy but at the time the rape was extremely shocking. Tame by today's standards but still leaves quite an impact. The film has some really beautiful set-ups and there's a series of just incredible tableau. Max Von Sydow plays the girls father and damn if the man can't glare. Thematically the film has a bunch of interesting things going on with paganism and Christianity. Apparently, that was a time in Sweden's history where Christianity was just forming and paganism was on the decline. It definitely adds a extra level to the whole piece. ALSO THE ENDING IS AWESOME! I always like it when a film can illicit a vocal response from me. When that water starts flowing, so did the noise. Bring da noise, Bergman!
YEAH MAX! Teach that fucking tree a lesson!

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