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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Synecdoche, New York - 2008 - Dir. Kaufman

MAN! I had a pretty good hunch that Synecdoche, New York would be depressing and dreary... that still didn't really prepare me for it though. I suppose expected something along the lines of Philip Seymour Hoffman putting forth tons of effort into something that inevitably fails but the film isn't terribly interested in failure, in fact, it seems to chalk it up to that being awfully small scale. I also didn't factor in how friggin weird Charlie Kaufman could be. I don't really know how I forgot how quirky that sonuvabitch could be. Or I don't think I forgot. I didn't realize that he would also be such a friggin' quirky director as well. And pretty damn capable if you ask me. He plays a ton with the passing of time, never in a flashy way, with the same deft hand that writes all those screenplays. It also helps that he has a pretty incredibly cast. I mean TOM NOONAN!? No, seriously though, he's got some great people on board. Samantha Morton was just awesome (and perhaps my favorite) as was her somewhat doppelganger Emily Watson. Hope Davis has a few scenes of complete ridiculousness. And Tom Noonan is pretty bitchin'. Daniel London even has a tiny role as a doof. But naturally, the movie is all about Philip Seymour Hoffman and the bastard can play a sad, neurotic man whose falling apart like nobodies business. The film has a lot going on, and I'm not going to act like I understood it all like say, the house that's constantly on fire. But I can certainly appreciate it, even if it's DREARY AND FULL OF DREAD!
AWWWWW!!!! A precog!

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