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Monday, December 28, 2009

Primary Colors - 1998 - Dir. Nichols

John Travolta as Bill Clinton?! I remember as a young fella I thought this was the most incredible idea. And in 1998?! I mean, the man was still President at the time! Take THAT W. you're not the only one! Anyway, I suppose I thought the movie would be pretty corny and sensational considering the time of its release. It's actually got a little bit more thought in it than I was expecting, although Travolta is in way less of the movie that... well, the cover would lead you to believe. IN FACT, the cover doesn't even HAVE the lead on it. Well, some of them do. But it's the young African-American fella joining Fake-Clinton's campaign. It's sort of a classic story of somewhat naive dude realizing Politics is corrupt and awful as hell. I suppose, it's pacing and it's handling made it a step up above from the rest. Naturally the film isn't ALL about Clinton, it's all thinly veiled. But the way it depicts the Clinton couple is fascinating. Especially by the end when Kathy Bates, whose AWESOME in this, is screaming at the two of them about how much they've changed. That is the climax of sorts, and the movie allows for the slow boil. Nichols, a man who never really got on my bad side to begin with, has really begun to win me over. OH, and the movies has a nice chunk of goofy small time actors. OH! And I thought "JR" from Dallas was awesome in it as a Calm and Honest Politician. As was Emma Thompson as "Hilary Clinton."John Travolta's Penis AS Bill Clinton's boner.

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