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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Avatar - 2009 - Dir. Cameron

You know, it's real easy to pick on James Cameron. Because he's really dumb. But hey, he must be doing something right. The man can now pull the US out of the financial crisis if he wanted to do. But clearly from Avatar, he does not want to. This is a rare movie that makes you really wanna stick it to the human race. Not because it offers strong arguments and stirs us emotionally, but because Giovanni Ribisi is our spokesperson. We really got the short end of the stick on that one. So, how does this overhyped blockbuster fare? Well, like any overhyped blockbuster, it ends up just being like a normal blockbuster, just flashy. And YES, it is flashy. It's not incredible. To me, it was a bit of an accomplishment that he was able to sell such bland and unimaginative design to me. It's not quality as far as creativity goes, but quantity as far as details go. The story... though. It's pretty simple (read: stupid), but I really don't hold that against it. It's Dances with Wolves, The New World, uh... those kinds of movies. Just it's out in theaters again. It's for the most amount of people as possible. And there's more children then anyone else and that's just something we have to accept. So, Unobtanium is... uh... that's a thing. A proper noun. You could call it. I was pretty shocked. I mean... Unobtanium... But no, no. I'll accept it. It sorta opened a floodgates for me, because I swore they kept using the term: Flux Flector. Hey, if he can make up one ridiculous word, my mind is just going to run with it. The movie isn't for me. I'll take my Impossibilitium jokes and go. In case you couldn't tell, the bar was pretty low for me. In fact, the bar was resting peacefully on the floor, at home, where I left it before leaving for the theater. I hold no nostalgia for James Cameron. He was making movies I was interested in for a minority of my life. Most of my life, he was just basking in Titanic. I'm not going to hold the man's ability to make a lot of money off a simple story against him. Hell, that's basically his job description. I like Stephen Lang, though.
James is showing What's His Face where the Special Effects will be. DDDUURRRR!!!

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