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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Get Carter - 2000 - Dir. Kay

Hey, you know, I like John C. McGinley. It's obvious why in a movie like Get Carter though. You see, when John C. McGinley isn't trying, he sort of acts like white noise, creating a wash of the scene, where you can't notice anything apart from his skinny head and sassy remarks. So, when McGinley is in Get Carter, it's all right, because no one is capable of overtaking the man. I, however, get the distinct impression that Sly was trying in this one though. He seems to be doing a lot of emotional acting in this one. Which is kind of ironic considering that Caine was a stone cold badass in the first one. Sly is just a big, sad, angry guy. There is something about the way he travels through the movie though, lumbering around, getting a decent amount of his ass kicked. Actually, I'm just thinking of the final scene with Mickey Rourke. I'd get behind that. The movie has enough interesting actors in it to warrant glancing at the film every now and then. I definitely missed the humor of the original... which I think is kind of funny because I wasn't as much about it until seeing this one. Sort of like seeing what could have gone REALLY wrong. Caine's appearance is neat enough, especially how he's kind of tacked on as the bad guy. It's a generic revenge movie, some neat one liners, some all right action, but mostly uninteresting. Oh, and of course, everything works out great for Carter in this one and he's not nearly as much of a jerk/interesting, but that really shouldn't have been a surprise.
Sly Stone is: GET CARTER

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