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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Onion Movie - 2008 - Dir. Kuntz/McGuire

Not exactly as funny as The Onion. But I suppose that's to be expected. It's not their format of choice. Rather than try and fit into the cinematic mold, they really just try and squeeze their newspaperness into the film. So what we end up getting is a lot of short sketches. Sort of filmed versions of Onion articles. In fact, that's almost exactly what we get. I can't say they're as humorous as the articles exactly. There's something fairly cheap about the whole movie. I dunno. It feels right that it was released to DVD. It's certainly doesn't feel like a real movie. I know that even the actual creators wanted to start from scratch. I believe it was even filmed many years before it was released and it certainly feels that way. I mean, cracking Britney Spears jokes in 2008 and not the ones about her having a mental breakdown. CLASSIC Spears jokes, I'm talking about. Clearly this was a movie that had some problems by the end. It attempts to have a thin through-line which mirrors Network in a sense. But there must be less than twenty minutes of this through line. So I suppose the movie is funnier than the others of its class. I never felt like groaning during the film, which I suppose is something. Although, things felt admittedly dated.

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