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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Beerfest - 2006 - Dir. Chandrasekhar

I think what I've learned from Beerfest is that I like Jay Chandrasekhar a whole lot. I suppose I think Broken Lizard generally speaking are pretty entertaining. I feel like a lot of jokes have a tendency to fall flat. Sometimes this seems to be on purpose, but I'm cautious about extending them too much credit. That being said, I rarely turn down an opportunity to actually see one of their movies. There is a real fun spirit that runs through their movies, it seems like they want to entertain themselves just as much as they want to entertain an audience and I actually don't mind that. I like seeing them mug for the camera. I think the reason I like Chandrasekhar so much is that more than any of them, he seems to have a real ironic detachment from the whole acting process. The rest of the guys look like they're actually trying to act, whereas Jay is just looking like a doof. I never made this realization until Beerfest because I feel like this had the least goofy set of characters, leaving the fellas to... I dunno, rely more on acting talent that I'm not sure they have. They're doofs. They're great doofs. But I don't think they played up that strength as much as they could I guess, I don't know. I didn't laugh as much as I wanted to. I will say Jurgen Proctnow's addition was incredible. I get a real kick out of their stupid ass references.
Man! Look at those guys doing their acting.

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