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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Event Horizon - 1997 - Dir. Anderson

I'm in some sense tempted to call this a mature Paul W.S. Anderson film. I can't say if I really think this is true. He had just finished Mortal Kombat and apparently wanted very badly to make an R picture. I suppose that's mature in a way. A W.S. Anderson way. I must say, the premise is a pretty neat one. A space ship is in some sense of the word, stuck in hell, creating a haunted ghost space ship. If all this sounds goofy, yeah, it kinda is. But I don't know. I think it's a pretty neat idea. There's a real gothic, haunted house feeling to the ship. It's a neat looking movie for the most part. Flashy and neon-y with weird gothic elements at the same time. The film is fairly restrained when it comes to it's scenes of gore. By that, I mean, Anderson has a lot of self-control. It doesn't function where we are treated to a gory death every twenty minutes. He lets suspense build and let us try and figure out what the fuck is going on with the ship. There are actually TENSE scenes. But I have to admit, a slight disappointment in the ending. It ends up with the ever awesome Sam Neill running around killing people, a slight let down with the supernatural business that builds up earlier on. Apparently, there's about a half hour of footage cut from the film, apparently a lot of gore, which isn't surprising considering how tame the film feels sometimes. I wouldn't have minded a more visceral climax than what I got. Now, let me just come out and say, this isn't a SMART Anderson movie though. It's still got all the goofiness, inexplicable character development and traits, doofy dialogue that a movie like Resident Evil has, it's just a little more... well, mature.
You know how every spaceship needs a hall of rotating blades, right?

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