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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Through a Glass Darkly - 1961 - Dir. Bergman

MAN! I am digging Bergman. I'm going to follow through in his "Faith Trilogy" which Glass Darkly is the beginning of. I had seen the climactic scene in a film class years ago and the idea of a Spider God has never left me. Although, I feel like a Spider God has appeared in a few other of his films, I can't recall which ones. The film has a beginning sequence of shots which are just BEAUTIFUL! The four people running out of the ocean is INCREDIBLE! I think, watching this film, I realized that I'm a HUGE fan of Bergman shooting in Black and White. His working with shades is just INCREDIBLE. Especially when Minus is running around in all black. It's AWESOME! And the shots of the ocean!? The film itself is a really terrific as a chamber film. Bergman talks about the characters of the film being like different instruments in a chamber piece of music and we get to know each of them. I think this works really well. I like having the minimal cast of characters. Really, just having four people to get to know. The entire cast is completely awesome. Everyone knows their voice. Everyone knows their influence in the film. Von Sydow looks classy as well with the glasses and the pipe.
No one is happy after witnessing the Spider God.

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