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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Solaris - 1972 - Dir. Tarkovsky

OHHHHHH MMMMAAAAAANNNNNN!!!!!!!! I really liked this movie. I mean, I liked Stalker but I REALLY liked Solaris. It was a movie that just... at the end... I couldn't get over the ending! DAAAAHHHH!!! Tarkovsky loves water. He really does. Everything just felt so right in the picture. I realize you could suggest that I'm running on a high from a movie I just watched with a sweet ending but, there's so much to think about in this film. It's not as visually extravagant as Stalker, there's no rooms filled with sand or anything. But there's a real sparseness to it that's attractive. Interspersed are shots of the Solarian Ocean which is nicely psychedelic. Not 2001 or anything. But visually stimulated to contrast the space station's more drab settings. UGH! It has such a cool atmosphere. When we're first investigating the station, it's just set up so well. So eerily but never SPOOOOOOKY. I dunno, despite all that, it's just a movie that really presents an interesting set of issues. It never gets overly dramatic or waxes too much in philosophy. It certainly does come up now and then but it never feels forces or like Tarkovsky is saying "Now here this."

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