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Friday, January 29, 2010

The Tenant - 1976 - Dir. Polansky

This is my first Roman Polansky film in a long while. I think I saw Rosemary's Baby before I should have and the generally over-hyped The Pianist. I suppose The Tenant has everything I would like to see in a movie like this, it's paranoid, strangely humorous, consistant dips into the surreal. It's natural the pacing is a bit slow. Polansky actually makes for a great protagonist. He's a little wormy, a little shy, a little creepy. He's pretty capable of guiding us through this man's degeneration. The film is pretty open-ended as to what has gone on. I assume that the character was nuts as all hell. There's some fairly Kobo Abe-esqe implications in the ending. I always have a soft spot for finding teeth in mysterious holes in the walls, as well. We have a solid enough sense of reality with his friends to make up for the truly weird and suspicious actions of his house mates. Even his eventual transformation into the previous occupant is done pretty slyly. It felt like a gripping enough thriller. It may have been a little disappointing if I was looking for some solid hardcore answers as to why what was going on, and there may have very well been some answers hidden throughout the film. They weren't terribly apparent in MY opinion though.

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