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Monday, January 25, 2010

The Secret Garden - 1993 - Dir. Holland

It's certainly a nice enough looking film, I'll give The Secret Garden that much. I don't mean to sound like the movie has nothing going for it. I can't help but have a little bit of issue with a movie that involves THIS much time spent with obnoxious children. It could be worse, though, we are lucky that the girl who plays Mary Lennox is capable. Perhaps it also has to do with the film lacking a bit of focus, or maybe my just basic disinterest of whether or not Colin Craven gets better. The more charming parts of the film are those characters who play supporting roles to our "main kids." Dickens, probably the most charming character, is a kind of strange second-banana, being that he doesn't outwardly complain about anything. I suppose there's a little something to be said for the message of "surrounding yourself with death and decay brings only that." I suppose just in general the execution feels a little mundane. I wanted to be taken away more than I was. We end up SEEING what happens, but I didn't feel like we were really exploring much. Just being swept to the next scene. I would have preferred a more visual movie than a narrative. But hey, it's a kids movie.,girl,movie,the,secret,garden-a8e108bd85f6a605bc267cbd7da1d6d5_m.jpg
Awww DAMN! When Mary Lennox got that face on: You KNOW we're in for OLD SCHOOL MISCHIEF!

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