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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Extract - 2009 - Dir. Judge

I suppose Extract was what I expected. Maybe it was a little more grounded than I expected. Most of the real goofy hi-jinks come from Ben Affleck and anyone he brings into the movie. Affleck fits in with these movies like a glove though. In fact, I might go as far to say that the film is basically perfectly cast. No one is really stretching their acting chops, but everyone knows the part they have to play. Even David Koechner (a man who doesn't easily win me over) gave me some hearty laughs. I don't mind that the movie isn't exactly original. It's just nice to see a Mike Judge movie. He can make a damned charming movie. Additionally, I don't know why, but considering so much of the movie involves testicles, I expected the humor to be intensely low-brow. Most of the testicle humor ends up being people looking off thoughfully. In general, Judge is just damned good at little off-beat moments. If someone telling someone else to close the door makes me laugh, that's probably a good sign. I even like Judge's cameo as a Deus Ex Machina Union Organizer. It's a silly movie. Not outrageously funny, but entertaining in the Mike Judge fashion.
It's less amusing when you realize Simmons has jammed his fingers through Bateman's neck and up out of his skull.

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