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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Doom - 2005 - Dir. Bartkowiak

Movies like Doom are trying to get a little classy. I've been getting that feeling recently. Well, not classy, but clever. I honestly think Doom had eyes to be clever. I can appreciate their effort. But they do fall short. We have all of the proper Marine type characters, the movie tries to pull a fast one by having The Rock be the villain. This is a twist in the sense that we would not expect The Rock to be bad. Although this constitutes more of a "Casting against Type" thing, I suppose it's foresight is a bit clever. Although, it never really makes out The Rock as that great a guy so his eventual antagonizing is less than shocking. Karl Urban... a filthy man-actor, becomes the protagonist by default. The film doesn't really do much character building which aids in the failure of the twist and therefore also loses a great deal of interest because we were forced to watch bland people "surprise" us. The movie never feels very tense. Sticking to the RE type style of just having lots of slick, poorly lit sets and things jumping out. It sets up some interesting enough set pieces, but everything interesting ends up being underutilized. The story basically plods along, showing us stuff and then explaining what is it and why it matters to how things are going to play out. It overly complicates the story with a psuedo attempt to cash in on the ever popular zombies.
Hey guys! We're Team Doom! GOOO DOOOM!

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