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Friday, January 1, 2010

Foxy Brown - 1974 - Dir. Hill

Foxy Brown was supposed to be a sequel of sorts to Coffy. This is easy to see because it's basically the exact same plot. Just again. I'm not sure I really find that an issue. There's some minor differences of course. I think, perhaps, Coffy was a little more entertaining... but I really don't know why. Perhaps just because I saw it first. ALTHOUGH, Foxy Brown does star Katherine Loder, who is excellent as a female type villain. It also has a little bit more ridiculousness with the castration of the male villain. I think Coffy's superhero type leanings won me over a little more than Foxy Brown's more revenge type plot. Although her battle against her brother totally was more striking than the BS politician boyfriend. So maybe I didn't like one more than the other. Pam Grier is still totally foxy though. I'm not going to act like she isn't. Watch me not act like that. I still got a kick out of Sid Haig. Who really is quite ridiculous as a pimp in the third act. Loder is perhaps the most interesting aspect of the film, giving us a fairly crazed performance as someone who is clearly turned on with all the hatred and violence.
Oh no! Foxy Brown and Chick from Caged Heat are bothering Joe Biden!

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