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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Gosford Park - 2001 - Dir. Altman

I had heard a lot about Gosford Park before I saw it. Mostly, I was just informed of it being REALLY confusing. I have to see, even with all the warning: DAMN, this movie is confusing. I suppose it IS one of those films that is a little more interesting to read about than to really see. I read that the film is more about the surface impressions people make/leave rather than the complexities of their relationships. And that it was filmed with two cameras moving in opposite directions, so as too always capture a crowd and release a point of focus on the eyes. The idea of surface relationships make the film SEEM more interesting. It's not a bad movie, by any means, although, I'm not entirely sure that I will want to watch it again. The cast is perfectly decent. And the basic premise of the murder mystery is quite fun. In fact, I'm sure the film ended up being exactly the way Altman wanted it to be. I just don't know how much I really liked it. But damn it, I have to respect it. I HAVE TO!!!!
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