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Friday, January 8, 2010

Late Autumn - 1960 - Dir. Ozu

I like Ozu. I'm not crazy about him by any means. But his films are just TERRIBLY satisfying for me to watch. And I really must admit that I get a real kick out of the way he films his movies. I like the amount of eye contact the characters make with the camera. I've decided to make an attempt to watch the shit out of his films. I have to admit that in a sense they do blend together a bit, so I often struggle to tell which is which. I can't really blame myself though. He shoots so similarly and uses the same actors and the same themes. But that also means, there's nothing MORE satisfying than an Ozu film when the mood is right. ANYWAY, Late Autumn is a terribly charming film. I mean, middle-aged Japanese people setting each other up. What's cuter than that? Setsuko Hara is at her usual best. She is so good at NOT conveying what she's feeling, which I feel goes such a long way in an Ozu film. You spend a lot of time trying to read her. Unlike the three Old Friends who we spend a lot of time who just are as gossipy as a knitting circle. Naturally, I feel with Ozu movies being the most JAPANESE of the auteurs, it can be a bit of a culture gap. But I assume businessmen don't spend their time setting people up. OH MAN! And The Best Friend who Hiccups. I got down with her like NOBODIES business. :)
This man is just the sweetest!

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