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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Zombie Nightmare - 1986 - Dir. Bravman

I think I'm kind of a sucker for the 80's horror film aesthetic. So I think I got behind the very first scene in the film. A completely out of context zombie summoning. I think that's about as far as I got though. As soon as the shitty, opening scene began with the pseudo-60's/50's gangsters began, all hope was lost. Although, I was watching it on an episode of MST3K so I really don't know what I could have expected. Tia Carrere is one of the big survivors of the film. But I think the real MVP is Shawn Levy, who is now a somewhat well known director and Boss of a Good Friend, playing a really, really awful Canadian punk or whatever. He has lady hair though. REAL BIG LADY HAIR. There's a lot of 80's metal throughout the film. Most notably Motorhead, Ace of Spades playing through the credits. Oh yeah, and fucking Adam West appears halfway through the movie to be the Human Villain. BUT WAIT! That's a spoiler! OMG! West gives a real half-assed performance. I can't say there's anything terribly compelling or even intresting about the film, even in a campy sense. It takes forever to get started, has passionless deaths. Perhaps the best part is the ridiculousness of the baseball playing son who becomes a zombie. He has the MOST MUSCLES I've ever seen!
I'm Adam West and I have computer paper.

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