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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mary Poppins - 1964 - Dir. Stevenson

As a big tough guy, I never bothered to watch Mary Poppins or if I had, it was as a kid and never seemed to bother to remember it. I have to admit, it's quite charming. I was originally won over by a remix made from sound clips from the movie and MAN, did I get a kick out of the dancing. And Dick Van Dyke's charming idiot smile. That's nothing to saw of Julie Andrews who is charming all in her own right. Of course, these things are known and have been known for years. I'm just getting on the train. It did not disappoint, dancing wise. Seeing Dyke semi-flail around balanced by Andrews unfaltering grace and coolness makes for a great chemistry. Which is important considering the film is pretty light story wise. Something that is actually pretty interesting to watch. It's a Disney before it became a well-oiled machine. It's a little more daring at times. What comes to mind is it's light-hearted treatment of the Banker's death. Not the most lovable of characters, but they do crack a joke on his expense and shrug off his death. It's actually kind of neat. It's a nice feeling movie, always a little playful. Perhaps not a masterfully told story like some of Disney's features, but a masterfully charming film.
Everyone is happy about what is above them except the little girl, who is all about something to the right of her.

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