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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Few Good Men - 1992 - Dir. Reiner

If you have a basic idea as to what A Few Good Men is about and you've seen Blockbuster Courtroom Dramas before, you basically know what happens in this film. Sure, you'll miss Jack Nicholson's three scenes and Demi Moore being foxy but that's about it as far as things I haven't seen before. And I HAVE seen the Jack Nicholson scenes before. They're the ones he loves to do. Sure: "You can't handle the truth!" and all that, but I'm sure you can youtube that scene. I do always like to make note of the silly obscure 90's actors that pop up in these types of movies, but I think my entertainment was completely based around those actors. NOAH WYLE!?! GUY FROM TWIN PEAKS!?! KEIFER SUTHERLAND!?! CUBA GOODING JR!?! In a scene where he has to sit still no less (but you can totally tell he wants to run around). I do like Demi Moore in this, but I haven't really seen her in much. Tom Cruise does his Tom Cruise thing. Kevin Pollack even gets a hefty role. I do like a good Kevin Pollack. But in the end, there really isn't much about the movie that feels new or original. It still is satisfying as hell to see Nicholson blow his top though.
You can't handle the BROOF!

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