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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winter Light - 1962 - Dir. Bergman

I suppose this might be the key film people are talking about when they reference Bergman being depressing because MAN, it is a dreary film. Kind of suffocatingly bleak. It manages to be such a way without becoming overwhelming, something that should be mentioned to the film's credit. It even ends with a glimmer of hope or meaning. Gunnar Bjornstrand who played the Father in Through a Glass Darkly, really does some incredible work, making us sympathize with his character is no easy feat. Constantly skirting a line between haggard and exhausted with his priestly responsibilities. The cinematography supports him fully, with a sparse but incredibly gritty and textured. There's not a lot of the beautiful shots that we see a lot with Bergman. Nothing in this feels clean or simple. It feels always incredibly rooted in our world. That being said, I'm terribly curious about Bergman's spider god. I realize that it is something that comes up every now and then. While perhaps not my favorite Bergman, it is certainly emotionally stirring and easily worth a second viewing.
Max Von Sydow is embarrassed that he farted...

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