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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Everything is Illuminated - 2005 - Dir. Schreiber

Having a strict "Don't pay any attention to my Heritage" policy, I didn't really think I would connect with Everything is Illuminated. And I didn't. But, hey, it was still a pretty good movie. It's a lot funnier than you would expect a Holocaust discovery movie to be. And yeah, I know it's been years since Roberto Beninieeni became a Concentration Camp Clown but I still think it's reasonable for a Holocaust movie to crack jokes. And not Mime jokes. John Holmes dick jokes. I'm just saying I appreciate the light-heartedness the movie kicks our way now and then. On the other hand, like I said, I wasn't really connecting terribly with anything going on drama wise. Schreiber who actually does a really great job for the most part, kind of dropped the ball for me as far as drama was concerned. He seemed a little too on the nose for me (but maybe I just have that issue with a lot of people). I'm not sure I ever felt very strongly about the Collecting and his own emotional stock in everything. I didn't know what to make of it and the movie acts confidently as if I should. I really liked Eugene Hutz in general in the film and I thought his own naivete was probably more interesting than a lot of the other business going on in the film.
I have to admit. It is WEIRD to see him without a moustache!

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