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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Patriot Games - 1992 - Dir. Noyce

I like Patriot Games way more than Clear and Present Danger, well, I don't know about WAY more. But I think I found it way more riveting than the later film. Part of the excitement might be Ryan's vulnerability in this one. He does NOT want his family to get killed and Sean Bean is TOTALLY about that. So where the other features a kind of more distant threat involving Jack running off into the forest and is often obscure what with all the double crosses and computer hacking battles. It's much more clear in Patriot Games: "Sean Bean is bein' a dick. You gotta watch out for him." Obviously I believe I've made it pretty clear that Sean Bean in quite a presence. He's no 006, but he's a great villain. I did notice that Ford is a little more badass in this one than in Clear and Present Danger, where he seems to be a little more nerdy. I remember feeling how ultimately out matched he seemed. But Ford definitely holds his own against the ultra-violent IRA. I suppose because HE'S the one getting attacked, he sorta has to be able to kick ass a little bit more. There's still some slow chunks. In general, I found it way more watchable. And I definitely appreciate the two-hour running time. YOU HEAR THAT? 141 minute Long Clear and Present Danger!!
Man! Harrison Ford is so good at looking nervous and badass at the same time!

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