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Friday, January 15, 2010

Solaris - 2002 - Dir. Soderbergh

Okay, close your eyes... Now picture the original Solaris. Except now as an American production with a director respectful of the source material. Have it made in saaaay... 2002. What you are picturing is exactly what the movie is. You can now decide if you want to go see it. Naturally, it's shorter. Less atmospheric. On the other hand, it makes more of a point to persue the story of the original. I can't say the STORY was my favorite part of the original, but hey, I'm not gonna act like it isn't an interesting plot. Everyone fits their counterpart very well, never mimicking them by any means but it's generally a very modern interpretation. And of course, no one is really that old in the film. I mean, Jeremy Davies does his goofy eccentric scientist schtick, which I really will probably never get tired of, and it does work well on a spaceship of nutjobs. I can't say I was a BIGGER fan of the streamlined version. I think I preferred the original but there is something certainly to be said for Soderbergh's version and I wouldn't be surprised if many people preferred it over the original.
A rare moment of Jeremy Davies not acting with his arms.

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