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Monday, January 11, 2010

Moon - 2009 - Dir. Jones

I suppose Moon was talked up a lot upon release. It's release and initial buzz felt a bit like Sunshine in some sense, mostly heralding a type of intelligent/subtle/sparse sci-fi flick. Both films make good on that promise, although I feel like they are at heart a little over-hyped. It's been a while since I've seen Sunshine but I feel like Moon won me over a bit more. A simple premise of a lone astronaut in a space station on the Moon (Sam Rockwell) is about to finish up his three year contract begins to have some hallucinations OR ARE THEY!? The only company he has is Kevin Spacey, a robot, OR IS IT!? So yeah, the movie has a lot of that suspense stuff in it. I was actually afraid of it pulling a lot of hokey twists and whatnot but I'm actually pretty pleased with the way the story proceeds. Sam Rockwell carries the movie well. Obviously, the whole film is on his back so it's important that he not suck. He does a good job which in itself is a feat and a testament to his abilities. I'm not sure it was a great job, which I think might have separated this from being a really great film. Whatever might be the reason, I'm not sure we are really given enough exposure to him by the end of the film (this is a somewhat ironic statement, I realize). I felt like Jones was cutting around Rockwell a little bit. Denying him certain chances to really blow us away, or maybe Rockwell didn't live up to Jones expectations and he was covering his own butt. Either way, I would have liked to have seen more Sam.
Sam Rockwell on Lunar Space Station Seattle

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